After eight months of Blueprint

That’s .65 years of age reversal, per month, using multi-epi-clock average. One step forward, six steps back.


It’s possible that, this month, the Blueprint team set a new world record in reversing an aging biomarker: my epigenetic age. Specifically, we recently saw a large…

It’s 7 pm. A freshly baked sugar cookie stares back at me. The doughy middle revealing itself in seductive allure. The sugar formed in what looks like a smile, taunting me. All day I have prepared myself for this moment by promising that I will not cave to the temptation. But my track record is poor. Likelihood of failure: >95%.

Q: what aspect of my sleep habits most determines whether I will have sufficient willpower to resist?

A: the amount of sleep, in particular Deep sleep, that I got the previous night.

This is the most significant lesson I drew from a Kernel pilot study [1] which sought insights into…

This week at Kernel, we’ve been circulating an executive summary on the cognitive effects of Covid-19, some suspected mechanisms, and exploring what we can do about it. I am sharing because I think it’s too important not to. Some quotes from it:

  • “In one study, histopathological signs of brain damage were seen postmortem in 25% of individuals who died of Covid-19.”
  • “However, the virus does not need to infect neurons directly to have widespread, debilitating CNS impact.”
  • “Nothing like the Covid-19 global pandemic has ever been seen before in the global mental…

Bryan Johnson

Founder & CEO @KernelCo . Also founder @OSFund & @Braintree / @venmo

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